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Best Practice Processes for IT Service Management



IT Service Management describes processes and functions for efficient and effective provision of IT services respecting the business requirements of the IT service consumers. Required tools therefore are

  • appropriate processes in IT integrated into the business processes

  • qualified staff with defined tasks and responsibilities

  • according information technology (IT infrastructure)

enabling business conforming IT service by their collaboration.


With the new ITIL® 4 the presentation of the standard changes to "Value Streams". This does not mean that the process view is obsolete, on the contrary - from an organizational point of view, the Value Stream is nothing more than a process chain. This allows the new aspects of ITIL® 4 to be integrated into the service lifecycle:


General ITSM Process Map



IT services are maintained over their complete life cycle in 5 phases by IT Service Management:


Service Strategy


Provision of strategic and tactical requirements for an efficient and effective IT Service Management and related financials, integration of the IT services into the business of the IT service consumers and controlled service consumption based upon a well defined service portfolio


Service Design


Creative steering of the life cycle of IT services beginning with the initial specification respective modifications and improvements to the implementation ready robust design regarding the business requirements, capacity, availability, security and continuity of service provision


Service Transition


Controlled rollout of the newly developed respective modified IT services to service operation


Service Operation


Efficient, goal oriented operation of the IT services


Continual Service Improvement


Continually in closed loop optimized IT services, securing the introduction of the experiences from the past into the improvement



Main processes of the ITSM service life cycle


IT service lifecycle according to ITIL® 2011 according to ITIL® and ISO 20000

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And now - how to realize this?


Chose our best in class process oriented approach based on practice proven process templates!


Stop unessential spending for external consulting and start towards a goal oriented implementation


Load immediately implementable processes according to ITIL® and ISO 20000




The ITSM Process Library - condensed knowledge of the successful

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