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Supplier Management


Best Practice according to ITIL® and ISO 20000


Supplier Management ensures the fulfillment of contractual duties by the suppliers based on contracts supporting the business requirements of the IT Service Consumers.


Supplier Management is part of Service Design


Processes of ITSM Supplier Management in detail


Process in the ITSM Process Library   Expected process result
Organization of Supplier Management   Provision of guidelines and standards for procurement of services and products. This contains the definition of the supplier strategy and the preparation of common frame contracts (IT Procurement Guideline). This process is triggered by the IT Strategy Process respective by IT procurement relevant events
Supplier Evaluation   Evaluation and selection of new potential suppliers
Creation of supplier contracts   Negotiation and signing of binding contracts with suppliers. This process is started in case of demand for external services or supplies on a large scale
Requirement Request   Processing, checking and releasing of requirement requests for goods and services
Supplier Selection   For the actual requirement the optimal supplier is defined. If no one exists in the database the supplier evaluation is triggered
Management of the Lifecycle of Supplier Contracts   Review of the relevance of actual supplier contracts and termination of no longer needed contracts
Supplier Review and Reporting   Monitoring of the quality of suppliers, corrective activities and selection of alternative suppliers in case of continued deficiencies

Main information flows and interfaces of ITSM Supplier Management

Main information flows and interfaces of ITSM Supplier Management according to ITIL® and ISO 20000

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Responsible roles of Supplier Management

Supplier Manager


Performance indicators of Supplier Management

KPIs of Supplier Management

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